The brand MOBI è is the brainchild of Pennelli Tigre, an Italian company
that is a benchmark for painting tools. Established more than 50 years ago,
the industry is now in the hands of the third generation.
MOBI is a new brush and a new Brand,
the result of continual research into plastics, bristle mixes,
the formulation of adhesives/glues as well as the functional and ergonomic concept.

Pennelli Tigre,manufactures and sells a wide range of tools for decorating and well as for fine art painting: brushes of all sorts, sizes and shapes with natural and synthetic bristles, all sizes of rollers, as well as special tools and painting sundries and accessories.
The company's ongoing quest for quality and the care given to details can be seen in the complete and customizable range of both professional and DIY products that it has put on the market. Pennelli Tigre has succeeded in transforming the differing requirements of professionals, artists and hobbyists into a practical, reliable and easy-to-use range of brushes, rollers and tools. They are products that satisfy the needs and habits of the different markets and distribution channels.